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After 27 years of selling Real Estate I chose to throw away my corporate suites and high heel shoes for a simple apron, a wooden spoon; and forever sweetness has become my start to a busy day. My kitchen is an abundance of sweet aromas and warm spice, and what comes out is truly a gift from my heart. My kitchen is my hub and the beginning of a fabulous cake creation, that I know will be eaten with pure delight and will fill your belly with sweet satisfaction and happy thoughts…

I put my hand on heart and followed my passion of creating everything cake.  The smiles from my family and friends who I gift my simple, but tasteful creations is my way of nurturing those who I care about. My own self-satisfaction is designing “the” simple cake that has now become my new love,  hence I passionately look to my kitchen as my office and therefore give you  “Little Miss Cupcake.Jo”

From my kitchen to yours,  for pure sweet indulgence; be it a simple cupcake, or a designer wedding cake. I welcome the opportunity to be part of your cake journey, thus giving you the cake you desire, whilst out of my kitchen and made with love. I have you covered!

As they say “Eat Cake and Be Happy”

Jo xxx

NOTE: Wellington City,  Hutt Valley and Paraparaumu areas $50 minimum order plus $10 delivery surcharge applies.

All orders close at 5:pm daily for the following day delivery.

SPECIAL ALLERGY REQUEST - Please check before you place your order to ensure we have your GF, DF,EF option available - These are made to order and may not be readily available.

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